11 Top AWS SSO Interview Questions

AWS SSO (single sign-on) is a service, which allows users to access AWS services and other third-party software. Here are the interview questions on it.

AWS SSO Questions

In AWS, the security and identity must follow requirements. So AWS SSO service helps to achieve it.

1. What is SSO?

AWS SSO allows customers to manage access and permissions to AWS services and other common third-party Software as a Service (SaaS) that supports SAML.

2. What is the benefit of AWS SSO?

AWS SSO simplifies authentication and access to all member accounts in an organization at the same time.

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3. Can we use AWS SSO to access SaaS applications?

Yes, SSO acts as the single point of authentication for other SaaS solutions


4. Where are the identity credentials stored in AWS SSO?

One is in AWS SSO. Second, you can integrate SSO with Microsoft AD using AWS Directory Service or federate the authentication using SAML. Identity management the real purpose is to authenticate users.

5. What is the SAML standard in AWS SSO?

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is an open federation standard that allows an identity provider (IdP) to authenticate users and then pass an authentication token to another application known as a service provider (SP).

6. What is the difference between identity providers and service providers?

The identity provider is the entity that has the user database where the authentication occurs.

The service provider is the entity that trusts the identity provider to execute the authentication and return the results.

7. What is the key process involved in the AWS SSO process?

  • If AWS SSO is a service provider that trusts an external entity as the identity provider. If AWS is an identity provider that authenticates identities.
  • The conclusion is that AWS SSO will act as an identity provider or service provider depending on the authentication process needed.

8. What are the two different roles of AWS SSO?

  • As SSO supports a local identity store, integration with Microsoft AD through AWS Directory Services, and federation, the first two options, when used to authenticate to third-party applications, make SSO an identity provider.
  • But when SSO is authenticating using federation, the only service that you can leverage federation with is AWS services where SSO acts as a service provider in the perspective of the SAML standard

9. What is the workflow of the Identity provider and Service provider AWS SSO?

Single sign on in AWS
Single sign-on in AWS

10. What is to understand when AWS provides both Identity and Service?

AWS sso

11. What is the real purpose of AWS SSO?

AWS SSO sets up the authentication process and permissions in a single place for multiple AWS accounts.

It the administrator a centralized place to control any member accounts and simplify the authentication of different teams just by using the existing identity store like Microsoft Active Directory or creating local users and groups based on team, area, or LOB (line of business).


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