Informatica – PMCMD, Parameters and Variables

Interview Questions on Parameters and Variables (Informatica 9.1 and 9.5 Latest versions

1) What is pmcmd?

It is command level interpretor for IIS (informatica integration service)

2) What are the options involved in PMCMD?


Note: There is no startsession command

3) What is wait mode and No waite mode?

In Nowait mode after submitting start wf it returns to command prompt. In the case of Wait mode it won’t.

4) Aborttask and Abortwf?

The commands we need to use when stoptask/stopwf are not stopping task or wf

5) Connect command? Disconnect ?

It connects pmcmd program to integration service.

Disconnect ==> it disconnects from integration service

6) Getrunningsession ?

When we give this command, it gets all the session details in a wf.

7) Waittask and Waitworkflow?

Both orders integration service, to complte their activities, before coming to the command prompt.

8) Stoptask and Stopworkflow?
Both orders to stop their activities

9) setfolder and unsetfolder?

Sets default folder
unsets default folder

10) showsettings?

It shows integration services, domain, repository names etc

11) Parameters and Variables?

Decreasing parameter file override precedence

pmcmd ==>workflow ==> session

12) A parameter file we can define in both WF and Session. Which file it will take?

When you define a workflow parameter file and a session parameter file for a session within the workflow, the PowerCenter Integration Service uses the

workflow parameter file over the session parameter file. Effective in PowerCenter 8.5.x, you can instruct the PowerCenter Integration Service to read

both the workflow and session parameter files with the $PMMergeSessParamFile property.
$PMMergeSessParamFile = True 

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