CICS: Two popular commands CECI Vs CECS

CECI is also called command level interpreter. Just type CECI on CICS terminal

You will see the following commands (Source IBM)


ABend        DISAble      ISsue        RELease      SUspend
ACquire      DISCard      Journal      RESEtbr      SYncpoint
ADdress      DUmp         LInk         RESYnc       Trace
ALlocate     ENAble       LOad         RETRieve     Unlock
ASKtime      ENDbr        Monitor      RETUrn       Verify
ASSign       ENQ          PErform      REWrite      WAIT
BIf          ENTer        POInt        ROute        WAITCics
BUild        EXtract      POP          SENd         WRITE
CAncel       FEpi         POSt         SET          WRITEQ
CHange       FOrmattime   PURge        SIGNOFf      Xctl
COLlect      FREE         PUSh         SIGNON
CONNect      FREEMain     Query        SPOOLClose
CONVerse     GDs          READ         SPOOLOpen
DELAy        GEtmain      READNext     SPOOLRead
DELETE       Handle       READPrev     SPOOLWrite
DELETEQ      IGnore       READQ        START
DEQ          INquire      RECeive      STARTBr

PF 1 HELP 2 HEX 3 END 4 EIB 5 VAR 6 USER             9 MSG

So CECI we can use to get complete syntax of CICS commands. No need to remember commands. Second usage is we can process the commands.

For ex: CECI RETRIVE   >>It display complete syntax of the command.

STATUS:  ABOUT TO EXECUTE COMMAND                           
< Set() | Into() >
< Length() >
< RTRansid() >
< RTErmid() >
< Queue() >
< Wait >
CECS- you call it as command level syntax checking.

By typing CECS you will get similar screen as in the case CECI. Only difference is that you can not process the commands.

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